maandag 3 november 2014

Captain Power Sculpture

A few months ago I finished my second commissioned sculpture. It's a personal character out the game City of Heroes which had been taken offline.

Here some photo's of the finished sculpture, for work in progress please visit: Sculptures of Heroes *click*

woensdag 16 april 2014

Pokemon Zombie Costume

A few weeks ago a friend had the chance to shoot in an abandoned swimmingpool. We came on the idea of a zombie Pokemon theme, some people had old pokemon costumes which they could zombify, but I really wanted to make something new for this awesome location.
So I designed a Gyarados Gijinka (human form). Here some pictures, from sketches till final costume.

Sketch, design made by me

I made it look a bit old, I went crazy with the hotgluegun ;)
Hot glue withering
Finished headpiece

by Jeroen Wolf
By Jeroen Wolf

dinsdag 15 april 2014

Life Drawing

Here is a selection of drawings I made during the livedrawing class in my third year.


Fineliner and chalk


Ballpoint and watercolor

Pink ballpoint



copic marker, fineliner and watercolor

copic marker


dinsdag 4 maart 2014


Last week we had a perfomance workshop at school with Roos van Geffen. We watched a documentary about the Higgsparticle. With the information we gained out of the documantary we had to find a way to make the subject our own.
I made one perfomance per day, in total four. For the presentation on the last day a made one performance by putting all four together.

I study theatredesign so normally we don't stand on the stage but behind it haha. It was a really tough week, but an awesome experience. 

Pictures by Roos van Geffen

dinsdag 11 februari 2014

Bladerunner - Costume designs

Beside the set designs I also made costume designs for Bladerunner.
This time I used several techniques to make the design: First I made a collage of photos, then I painted them over with acryllic paint and finished it with a black fineliner. Some are edited in photoshop. I also edited the faces in photoshop so they looked a bit more painted.


Tyrell Corp.

Downtown people
Tyrell people

Blade runner - Set design

At school we had to make designs for Bladerunner, yes the movie from 1982. After seeing it I fell in love with it, with the story and everything. It was a lot of fun to draw the invironments and redesigning everything to my own interpretation.

A few sketches of the locations:
Sebastians appartment
Sebastians laboratory

Tyrell corporation
After the sketching we had to make a location into a 1:25 scale maquette. I choose for deckard's appartment. I actually made 20 sketches or more before these two here, but I used these to make the maquette.
Deckard's appartment. sketches + maquette

maandag 13 januari 2014

Princess Mononoke Costume

I made this costume in August last year for Abunai 2013 :) It is the most comfortable costume I ever made, really love it.